Ram Lalukota 

Respected TRICIA Members,

I am (Ram Lalukota) running for the TRICIA Board for a 2nd Term. During the years I have been involved in TRICIA, my first priority has always been to improve our organization, and I have taken key actions to bring about that improvement. That same dedication will continue in the next term and that is what I offer through my candidacy.

Just to outline for you, I took a stand and ran for TRICIA President in 2016 after seeing that our organization had gone through a number of court issues and management irregularities. The organization was losing its focus and civility. I was firmly resolved to bring reforms to again make TRICIA a service organization for the local Indian community which was our original mission. First thing, with the help of my Team and volunteers, within 8 months we completed a long-overdue and pending constitution rewrite, and had it approved by the TRICIA membership. That was an important step towards the reforms I considered critical to improve our management and transparency. Our team also launched online membership for better record keeping and logistical efficiency. Our team also forged relationships with state and local officials. As President, I personally reached out to many members who had done great work for Tricia in past years, and succeeded in bringing them back, both physically and in spirit, so that TRICIA can go back to what it once was, a vibrant body dedicated to promoting, helping, and providing a resource for our local Indian community.

I bring a record of strong community involvement in service organizations. These include positions as HCC Board member from 2009 to 2016, ATA president in 2012, TRICIA President in 2016 & 2017, and Tricia Board Chair in 2020 & 2021. I am also currently a member of the Clifton Park Town Planning Board. This record of community involvement may help the new incoming team in continuing the path towards making TRICIA a vibrant and impactful body.

Krishan Luthra

Dr. Luthra came to Tri City area in 1976 after finishing his PhD from University of Pennsylvania. From 1976-2020, he worked at GE Research, where he held various positions, including a Global Technology leader for Ceramic and Metallurgy Technologies in which he was managing over 250 scientists and engineers working in Niskayuna, Bangalore and Shanghai. In Technical world, he is best known for his work on ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), a revolutionary new materials technology that improves the fuel efficiency of aircraft engines. In May 2015, Associated Press published a profile on him for his work on CMCs, a story that was then published by newspapers worldwide. 

Dr. Luthra has been a part of the Tri City community for over 45 years. His management and people skills have prepared him well for any roles requiring critical thinking and interpersonal skills. He has been serving as a member of Board of Governors for Hindu Temple Society of the Capital District for 3 years. If elected to TRICIA, he would like to get more actively involved in serving the needs of Indian community in Tri City area.

Abdulrahman Moideen

ABOUT MYSELF My first entry into the Tricity India Association was in 1999-2000. This is the first committee who formed the Spring Festival of India. Since then I have served in various positions in this organization several times – was Secretary during 2012-13. 

For 24 years I worked in various positions in the New York State Department of Health (New Rochelle area office for 2 years, then moved to Albany. worked with NYSDOH division of legal affairs). Retired 6 years ago. 

Founding member of The Capital District Malayalee Association which was formed in 1993. Served as its founding member, secretary (8 years) and president (4 years). During this period, I was able to connect the Malayalee community in the capital district, with TRICIA. 

Encouraged Malayalee children to participate in the Spring Festival and other TRICIA activities. Started Malayalam School in 1995 with the help of the Albany Hindu Temple. 

Served for two years as Secretary of the New York Chapter of the India Press Club of North America. Still continue as a member. 

Affiliations: India Press Club of North America, United States Press Agency, South Asisan Journalists Association (SAJA), Global Malayalee Press Club. 

Publisher & Managing Editor:, an online multiple language (Malayalam, English and Hindi) news portal published from New York, New Delhi, Kerala and the Gulf.


Subhani Pattan

Dear TRICIA members,

I wish everyone doing well in this pandemic situation.

I am a Capital District Resident since 2001 and have been very active in community volunteering services since then. Currently, I am a TRICIA Treasurer and worked as a TRICIA Secretary, Executive Committee Member, ATA Joint-Secretary & Joint-Treasurer, and School PTO Secretary in the past. Team building, integration, fundraising, emergencies helping, conducting events, and maintaining transparency in duties are a few of my strengths.

As a BOD member, I would like to bring new memberships, work hard to fulfill the TRICIA core vision/mission objective of showing the diversified rich heritage of the people and culture of the Indian subcontinent. I also work towards strengthening the TRICIA support groups to assist community needs like emergencies, health awareness, and college education needs, etc.

We planned and started well the year 2020 with the Republic day event, but the COVID-19 changed all our other plans. Still, we were able to do some virtual events and in-person TRICIA Picnic and Tennis tournament successfully for the year 2021. Hopefully, the year 2022 would give a better opportunity to do our events and activities better than past.

I am seeking your support and vote in the upcoming election to be a BOD of the TRICIA 2022 Team to serve the community.

Thank You.


Subhani Pattan

Ved Shravah

Dr. Ved Shravah, a candidate for the Board of Directors of the TRICITY India Association works in the office of State Assessment in the Department of Education at Albany as Mathematics Content Specialist and has lived in Albany for the last 16 years. Prior to that he has taught Applied Mathematics at, SUNY New Paltz; SUNY Stonybrook, and at the University in Iowa.

Ved has served Tricia in many capacities including as Secretary. He also helped to conduct elections with extra ordinary capability as NEC at the most difficult time in Tricia’s history when elections were supervised by the Judges and courts were involved. Today we are proud to have a TRICIA where we are all working together for our community especially this past one year when he was a member of Executive Committee. In his own words, “We had an exceptional year with Ashok as President with all eleven members working in exceptional harmony and had a very successful year”. Hopefully, this coming year will be another great year.

He has served our community as a Trustee of the Albany Temple for six years and completing another six years as a Trustee of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Center. He is serving as Council Leader of PEF 194 after serving as Treasurer for 15 years and is currently also serving as E-Board member of the NY state Public Employees Federation. Dr Shravah is also President of the Employees Association of the New York State education Department.

Dr Shravah was elected to one of the largest school districts of New York State, the Wappingers Board of Education and served for 19 years as Board Member and President of the Board managing a $250,000 budget and more than 2000 employees. He was elected as a Trustee of the Dutchess County BOCES and served for 6 years. He is also President of Wappingers Education Foundation.

Ved Shravah has served as Executive Committee member, having a 100 % attendance at all meetings and every Tricia activity that year, he has worked tirelessly with the team and been part of the progress TRICIA has made over the years. The Executive Committee has set an example that year by working so closely and in cooperation with each other and with the Board and also with the community. Ved will continue this tradition and enhance it further by seeking more involvement of community members so that everyone feels that this is their organization. Ved would like to lead as a professional leader of a community which consists of highly accomplished professionals. Ved Shravah was also honored by TRICIA at the Republic Day Celebration by TRICIA leadership for his contributions to TRICIA. His vision for TRICIA:
1. Working together as a team with the Executive Committee Members and the Board Members.
2. Provide professional leadership to the community.
3. Getting more and more community involvement in TRICIA activities.
4. Working with State Officials to get more internship in Government for our young children providing them with many opportunities.
5. Help bring unity and togetherness.

Peter Thomas

Respected TRICIA Members, 

I am announcing my candidacy for another term on the TRICIA Board of Directors. 

I am a true volunteer at heart and well experienced community organizer, serving our local Indian community and many other organizations for over 2 decades. I would remain in that same service and community involvement mindset during the next term because that is who I am. 

Through my positions on the TRICIA management teams over the years, I have taken actions to make our organization more efficient, more reachable to members, and more adaptable to changing technology. For over 15 years running, I have designed the TRICIA Brochure for our annual Spring Festival. I have also designed our TRICIA’s telephone directory. I was successful in making our online membership process, including online paperless payment, a reality for TRICIA, which enables our Executive Committee to maintain an accurate record of TRICIA memberships and payments. In addition, I have built the TRICIA website and have maintained it for several years, built a record keeping process, and set up a email platform for TRICIA communications. I am totally dedicated to making our organization a transparent, efficient, and helpful resource for our local Indian community. There will be continuing challenges and items requiring action as our technology evolves, and I welcome those challenges.


Sridhar Pentyala

Respected TRICIA Members,

I am humbly informing you of my candidacy for TRICIA president for 2022 with great passion and excitement, and I am asking for your support in the upcoming election.

I am an IT professional, residing in the capital district for the past 20 years, with the purest interest of selflessly serving our local Indian community.

As you know, the years 2020 & 2021 has been very challenging for everyone due to COVID-19. Our TRICIA Team for 2020 & 2021, with me serving as Vice President, in spite of many challenging times, our team successfully conducted events in 2021 like Republic Day of India, Women’s Day, Independence Day Picnic, and our Annual Tennis Tournament for which I was the coordinator. I humbly ask for your support for my nomination as President for 2022. Please give me an opportunity to serve our community along with our team for the coming year. Hopefully, we will carry out the full slate of programs and activities.

A summary of my voluntary work is given below.
· Served as Vice President in 2021 for TRICIA.
· Served as Vice President in 2020 for TRICIA.
· Served as Executive Member in 2017 for TRICIA.
· Served as President in 2018 for Albany Telugu Association (ATA).
· Served as Board of Director (Treasurer) in 2015 for Albany Telugu Association (ATA).
· Served as Board of Advisor in 2014 for Albany Telugu Association (ATA).
· Actively involved in volunteering and coordinating many Tricia & ATA events.

It is with great pleasure and pride that I served as the 2020 & 2021 vice president of TRICIA, and I would like to thank the wonderful board members and executive committee for their support.

For those who know me, you are well aware of my selfless service, competence and leadership qualities, through service to TRICIA, Albany Telugu Association (ATA), and the other local organizations. Through deep and lasting friendships with my fellow Indians, I am very close to the pulse of this community.

My vision and objectives for TRICIA are: continue the path to reuniting our community after the recent fractures and divisions. We are a vibrant and active community, and ready to join hands for the common good. What we need is passionate leadership and a vision to light and sustain the flames of harmony, honesty and common sense values.

In my view, the TRICIA president must possess these qualities: ability to communicate effectively; willingness to welcome and encourage diverging viewpoints; ability to represent TRICIA in the public media; and, respect for and willingness to collaborate with the whole Indian diaspora, including our regional associations. I truly feel that I have command of these abilities and values.

I humbly offer these words and views in support of my candidacy. I hope they are helpful to you.

I wish for everyone’s well being during these unprecedented times. Stay safe all!

Best Regards
Sridhar Pentyala


Naga Kalapala

Dear TRICIA Members,

Namaste. I am Naga Kalapala. It is my great pleasure to inform you that I am contesting for the position of TRICIA ‘Vice-President’ for 2022. I am a resident of the NY Capital region working as an IT professional since 2005.

I had the privilege of serving our community by working on numerous boards and committees of various nonprofit organizations in the capital region. I have been volunteering, organizing activities (Cultural, Sports, Fund-raising for disasters/blind school kids, etc.) in TRICIA and various other nonprofit organizations in the capital region and in India too. I have earlier served as Secretary of TRICIA in 2016, immensely contributed to starting the Ping-Pong Tournament, Women’s Day, OCI Camp. Also was active during covid time this year in conducting TRICIA Tennis tournament and was also part of the Constitution Review Committee.

Some of my non-profit community service and the positions held over the years

• Served as Secretary in 2012 and President in 2013 for Albany Telugu Association (ATA). – Organized Cultural, Sports and fund-raising events.
– Organizing the ‘VTSeva Volleyball tournament’ to sponsor few of the blind school kids in India for the past 8 years.
– Conducted the seminar with Colonie Police on burglaries in Indian homes.
– Initiated the ‘ATA Cricket Tournament’ and for the past 8 years volunteering in organizing it.
– Supported the ‘Uttarakhand flood Disaster Relief’ in 2013 by donating the Solar lanterns and Water Purifiers in 2 villages.
– Helped the ‘Hyderabad terrorist blast victims’ by raising funds for the handicapped people.
• Served as ATA Election Committee member in 2015, 2019, 2020 and 2021.
• Served as AAA Election Committee member in 2016.
• I was elected as the TRICIA Secretary in 2016. Helped in resolving the impending issues and bringing Tricia out of the turmoil.
– I was involved in TRICIA for the past few years by volunteering and organizing Cultural events (Republic day, Spring Festival, Women’s day, Picnic).
– Organized Sports (Tennis, Ping Pong) activities for several years.
– Organized and coordinated the Indian Embassy Passport/Visa/OCI drive in Albany.
• Volunteered in organizing ‘Spelling Bee’ competitions in 2017, 2020.
• Served as a volunteer in Hindu Temple, Saibaba Temple and Church.
• Board member of Capital District Cricket Association (CDCA) for 2020.
• In 2021, conducted the TRICIA Tennis tournament and was also part of Constitution Review Committee.

Over the years I have also volunteered and donated along with you to other non-profit organizations of the region and helped in raising funds for VT-Seva, JET USA, AIM for Seva, Vegesna foundation, etc.

I would like to establish TRICIA as the leading non-profit organization in the region and work closely with other non-profit organizations in the region to achieve mutual goals to benefit the Indian community. I believe my experience and unique understanding of the community will be a benefit to achieve our goals. So, I humbly request in soliciting your support and kindly vote for me in the forthcoming elections. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Naga Kalapala


Preethi Gujju

Dear TRICIA members,

My name is Preethi Gujju. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you, and to seek your support for my candidature for the position of Secretary for the TRICITY INDIA ASSOCIATION, year 2022. With your support, I would be able to serve our community through this wonderful organization we lovingly call TRICIA.

I am an IT professional and have been a resident of the Capital District area for the last 7 years. In my time here I have made amazing friendships and beautiful memories. My family grew here, and the greater capital region is a cherished part of our growth. I firmly believe that giving back and serving the community as much as possible is how we make one’s life meaningful. In my interactions with the community members and as their representative in the past, I have always aspired to high standards of compassion and civility.

I have volunteered for many events and non-profit organizations in different capacities. *I served as the Secretary for TRICITY INDIA ASSOCIATION for the year 2021.
* I served as the Joint Secretary for Albany Telugu Association for the year 2020.
* In my role as the Secretary for TRICIA 2021 team, even with the pandemic raging around us, I have successfully coordinated the Republic Day, Women’s Day, and Independence Day Picnic events.
*For Women’s Day, as a woman, considering the need of the hour, I was instrumental in organizing a program which was targeted at empowering women by providing resources for the psychological health of women and kids, domestic abuse resources, daily yoga to help with common women problems, and financial security advice. I am very proud of this accomplishment and thank TRICIA for giving a wonderful platform for women to connect.
* I also feel blessed that we were able to conduct a very successful in-person event, TRICIA Independence Day Picnic 2021, abiding by all the CDC guidelines and safety measures. If elected for 2022, I promise to bring the same energy and infuse TRICIA with my passion for serving the public.
*I have also volunteered on numerous occasions at the Hindu Culture Center brunch fundraisers. Volunteered for TRICIA and ATA events. Participated in fundraising efforts to procure masks during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020, anchored for events in a volunteer capacity.

I hope my passion and commitment has been conveyed to you and I hope I can count on your support to vote for me as TRICIA Secretary for the year 2022. Thank you for your time.

Warm Regards,
Preethi Gujju


Narashimman Renganatha

Hello Members,

Let me start off by introducing myself, I ‘am Narashimman Renganatha, who has been a resident of Albany for the past 16 years.

Have been very active in the Indian community. I have been volunteering for various organizations these past 11 years. Have been an active member of the New York Albany Tamil Sangam, I have had the honor of being the Executive Member from 2014 to 2017 and honor of being Tamil Sangam Treasurer from 2018 to 2019.

Volunteered at the Albany Hindu Temple, Volunteered Sunday Brunch food prep team at the Hindu Cultural Center. I volunteered at the Albany Tamil Padasalai, which is a Tamil School catering over 100 Students. I have had the opportunity of volunteering and being life member of TRICIA.

I am currently holding Executive member of 2021 Tricia Team, as a team we did our best for community for the year 2021.

As a person, I’ am very friendly and always like to work with Teams to achieve the good. I would like to extend my service to the Indian community in the upcoming year. If you think I have the qualities to be part of this organization, please cast your vote for me as a Tricia Treasurer for calendar year 2022.
Thanking you.
Best Regards,
Narashimman Renganatha


Dinesh Dondapati

I am a Resident of Clifton Park, NY for more than 2 years.
Previous Experience:
• Former Board of Director of Albany Telugu Association in the year 2019.
• Former President of Albany Telugu Association in the year 2020.
Tricia Experience:
• Actively involved in the Tricia Constitution Review Committee (CRC) in drafting the amendments of TRICIA for the year 2021.
• Involved in lot of community activities as a volunteer for more than 4 years.
• Passionate to involve closely in community activities of TRICIA for the upcoming year to serve wider circle.

Alim Samad


My name is Alim Samad and I have been resident of Albany, NY for the past 15 years. I have been associated with Tricia for more than 10 years now. I started as volunteer helping out during the annual spring festival and in recent years has become more active in conducting various events throughout the years. I am applying for this position because I want an opportunity to serve the local community and I think Tricia will provide me that platform.

Hiren Pathak

Short Biography:

I am Hiren Pathak living in Clifton Park work at Deloitte as a Product Owner. I have been living in the capital region for the last 18 years and have been an active community member. I have always admired all the efforts TRICIA committee has put in over the years. I really think it’s time for me to give it back to the community and by serving as am executive committee member, I am hoping to serve this beautiful smallbany Indian community