Manoj Ajmera

* Came to USA in 1964 from Bombay, India to study and earned Master’s in Engineering in 1965
* First job in California for a year and then came to Albany in 1966 to join NYS Department of Health.
* Retired from Health Department 17 years ago
* Received Health Commissioner’s Award for starting Statewide Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest which I still volunteer to coordinate, now in its 33rd year.
* Received very prestigious Jefferson Award for community Service and Volunteerism
* Have been involved in Festival of Nations, in its 48th year and still a Chairman for 33rd year. It’s a group of about 25 groups from around the world.
* Member of Rotary Club of Albany for 52years .. have received many awards and served on many committees and projects.
* Served as Membership Chair on the Board of International Center of Capital Region.
* Served on the Selection Committee for Albany Tulip Queen for many years.
* Albany Senior Service awarded the Third Age Award for community involvement/service
* Recognized and awarded ” who is who ” at Clifton Park’s 175 year celebration.
* Founding member and served as President and Chair of the Board of Tri-City India Association
* Currently serving on Board of Hindu Cultural Center in Albany
* have been in local media (tv, newspapers and radio) few hundred times.
* Earned the Highest level of Member recruiting ( platinum presidential award) at American Water Works Assn. an International         Organization.
*serving on Advisory Board of Saratoga County Office of Aging
*Served on Board of Clifton Park Senior Center for several years
* served for 2 years as First Chairman of the GujaratiSamaj of the Capital District
* main coordinator for compiling and publishing 4 directories of the Indian community in our area.
* totally coordinated/organized  numerous music and Bollywood programs in our area
* have been living in Clifton Park for 42 years

Vision: to continue serving Indian Community and make positive impact/image on mainstream. Also, give opinions when needed and asked for because of more than 4 decades of public service experience. Would like Tricia to be known in local community, outside Of Indian community. Lately, Seniors are not seen involved in Tricia and, I can fill that gap having been the Historian for our community.

Basavaraj Benki

Benki Basavaraj has been living in Albany during last 20 years. Benki has served TRICIA during last ten years in different capacities such as Treasurer, Secretary, VP and Executive member.

He has served as President of TRICIA in 2018. He started several new initiatives during his presidency. The Spring Festival of 2018 witnessed the record number of approximately 650+ participants on stage, with the introduction of multi-group Vaibhavas of each 20 minutes slots to show case rich culture and heritage of different regions of India apart from 5 minutes single group dances. For the first time in the history of TRICIA, he organized College Essays workshops to benefit our kids, the women only Bus trip to Boston and also successfully published quarterly magazine ‘TRICIA-TIMES’. Benki started ‘TRICIA Tennis Tournament’ six years back and it has become very popular sports event in our community. He has served as coordinator for TRICIA Ping-Pong tournament.

Benki had also served as President of local Kannada Koota of Albany ( from 2011-12. He has been volunteering in global Kannada associations such as NAVIKA (Naavu Vishwa Kannadigaru).and AKKA ( Association of Kannada Kootas of America).

His hobbies are to write cartoons, jokes and articles on contemporary political and social issues and to give stand-up comedy shows. He is very popular in Facebook with pen-name

“BenkiBasanna”. His first book “Comedy Kshipanigalu” (Missiles of Laughter) was released in 2015 at NAVIKA World Convention at Raleigh, NC in 2015.

He is very active in our local APAPA chapter, which is an association to bring all Asians, such as Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Nepalese, Bangladeshis etc. together. He has served as VP Communications for local PMI (Project Management Institute) Chapter of Albany, NY.

His wife and two kids have been actively participating and volunteering in our TRICIA and other community events.

If elected as BOD, Benki wants to bring few amendments to current constitution of TRICIA to meet the growing needs of our community.

Manoj Jain

I am from Jaipur India and I have been living in capital region area for several years and got married in 1992 and later blessed with one son.

I enjoy volunteering in my community and I have been doing volunteer work in TRICIA for many years in various roles.
I have served as Board of Director in 2015 2016 2017 & Vice President in year 2018
Beside Tricia locally i have been doing volunteer work @ Albany Hindu Temple/Summer Camps, Festival of Nations, Jain Society of capital district.

I am Valued Blood Donor @ American Red Cross NY-Penn Region and I live life like my blood type, B Positive… 🙂

V V Rami Reddy Muppidi

Namaskar.  I am V V Rami Reddy Muppidi and It is my great pleasure to inform you that I am contesting for Board of Director (BOD) position of Tricia Indian Association (Tricia).

I am a Life member of Tricia, a resident of Albany County for 20yrs, and an ardent volunteer with passion for community service, a strong desire to maintain Integrity, Transparency and ensure the overall growth and Future vision of the community.

I had the great privilege of serving the community for Hindu Temple as Board of Trustee (BOT) since Jan 2019, Tricia as a Board of Director (BOD) since 2017 (to current date), Tricia Executive Committee (EC) member in 2016, Albany Telugu Association (ATA) as a President in 2015 and the ATA Board of Director (BOD) in 2013.  Over the years, I have volunteered, promoted and participated in numerous activities of other Non-Profit-Organizations by helping and promoting their cause in the capital region and India.

With your kind help and support I would like to continue my passion for the community service to accomplish success for our community with great vigor and enthusiasm.

Please consider voting for me. Thank you!

Prakash Raj

Hello TRICIA Members,

Greetings from Prakash Raj. I am contesting for the position of TRICIA Board Member. I am an Entrepreneur and Founder of CITIAIR and FLIXOMEDIA. I live in Albany since 2008.

My personal value and life’s goal have been real simple: Be respectful to individuals and volunteers, irrespective of differing opinions or social and economic status. I place organizational interests and personal integrity first and above all while being objective and professional.

My non-profit community services include:

>> Sponsorship of numerous community events for various Not for profit local and regional
Organizations since 2010. This include
Tri-City India Association
New York Albany Tamil Sangam
Capital District Malayalee Association
Albany Andhra Association
Albany Telugu Association
Albany Telangana Association
Telugu Association of North America (TANA)
Indian, Tamil and Telugu Associations in NY, NJ, CT, MA, MD, DC, VA, MI, TX, CA

>> TRICIA Executive Committee member-at-large 2016
>> TRICIA Board 2017-2019

As a contestant for TRICIA EC member for 2016, I successfully fought against vindication of membership rights and voter inaccuracy during 2015-2016 elections. During the current BOD term, earlier I helped to resolve pending TRICIA issues that divided us in 2016. Recently, I helped by voting to send ballots to all members in the best interests of TRICIA to increase voter participation.

My goal is to help TRICIA remain successful each year by intervening with objective and bold mandates, encourage new volunteers to attend and offer constructive input towards the growth of TRICIA among Indian communities.

Please vote for me for the TRICIA Board for the year 2020.

Thank you so much

Kind Regards
Prakash Raj

Annu Subramanian

I am Annu Subramanian, a writer, speaker, and human-rights advocate. I have lived in Albany, New York, for 20 years. My novels serve as my resources to raise funds for grassroots movements, to promote women’s empowerment, and to address human-rights abuse. I served in TRICIA’s executive committee as the treasurer and as a volunteer. As a life member of TRICIA, I have enjoyed the privileges of cummunity involvement, including conducting writing workshops.
I wish to be involved as a board member because I want to engage the diverse talents and resources of TRICIA to address community issues, including women’s empowerment, education of the underserved in the community, and worries of senior citizens.
-One of four national finalists – Norman Mailer Center and NCTE – 2011 for my short story titled “So Fair and Very Lovely”
-Educator of Excellence – 2011 – New York State English Council (NYSEC).
Other Projects:
-Annu’s Purse – An ongoing project encouraging women to collect used purses filled with daily essentials for victims of domestic violence while they are homeless.
-Tulsi & Thyme: A fusion food blog that raises funds for charities



• Published Works: (1) Another Heaven (2) Waiting for the Perfect Dawn
– Proceeds from book signings and invited speeches have benefited: Northeast Parent & Child Society; St. Joseph’s House; Shelters of Saratoga, Schenectady YMCA; City Missions of Schenectady; UNICEF; GENDAP; You Can Free Us Campaign

• Invited Speeches – Community Activities (selected list):
– Organized “Jaagrata” – a dance program (based on Another Heaven, my novel about human
trafficking) to benefit victims of human trafficking – November 2017
– Invited to speak to the students of World Forum: The Sage Colleges, Troy, NY- March 2019
– Presided over St. Mark’s Literary Festival (St. Mark’s School of Texas) – January 2015
– Shaker High School, Colonie, NY – Topic Human Trafficking: A Rising Global Tragedy
– Academy of the Holy Names. Topic: Human Trafficking – Being the Voice for the Voiceless – October 2015
– Invited for interviews on combating human trafficking (radio/television)
– Fordham University – The Illegal Global Market Conference (April 2015)
– Ethiraj College for Women and at Dr. MGR Janaki College (both at Chennai, India) in June 2014. Topics: Empowering Young Women and Combating Domestic Violence
– William J. Sanford Library – Author Talk on Another Heaven (February 2014)
– Coxsackie-Athens School – Power Lunch. Topic: Empowerment Through Writing and Ways to Address Human Rights Abuse (December 2014)
– NYSEC Conference-October 20, 2011. Topic – The Role of Asian-Indian Women in the Global Community (based on Waiting for the Perfect Dawn)
– TRICIA, Albany, New York – Conducting writing workshops. Topic: Mastering College Essays

Venkateshwararao Voleti


We Voletis can serve in the Board of TRICIA in whatever way we can help to TRICIA.

Thank you

M. A. Waheed

M.A.Waheed, Past Board Chairman as well as Past President of Tricia, I have been associated with our community projects for the last twenty years. During my tenure, I had the support and good fortune to orchestrate unique programs that were highly appreciated by our members. To mention a few got a blind professor, Sheena Iyengar from Columbia for a presentation, arranged a Tamil movie director to screen an award winning film on Devadasis, arranged a comedy program, Laughter Hangamma andsimilar breakthrough sessions.

With my journalistic, advertising and marketing background established a trend of creative programs for our community. For the first time got a team from the Indian Consulate to get OCI cards and also invited the Consulate General for a presentation.

Looking forward to pick-up the threads and serve our community with a string of creative and pleasing programs that will leave an impact and register a unique impression of our Indian community in the cultural fabric of America.



Naga Kalapala

Dear TRICIA Members,

Namaste. I am Naga Kalapala. It is my great pleasure to inform you that I am contesting for the position of TRICIA ‘President’ for 2020. I am a resident of the NY Capital region working as an IT professional since 2005.

I had the privilege of serving our community by working on numerous boards and committees of various nonprofit organizations in the capital region. I have been volunteering, organizing activities (Cultural, Sports, Fund-raising for disasters/blind school kids, etc.) in TRICIA and various other nonprofit organizations in the capital region and in India too.

Some of my non-profit community service and the positions held over the years

  • Secretary of ATA in 2012
  • Organizing the VTSeva Volleyball tournament to sponsor few of the blind school kids in India for the past 8 years
  • Conducted the seminar with Colonie police on burglaries in Indian homes
  • President of ATA in 2013
  • Initiated the ATA Cricket Tournament and for the past 7 years volunteering in organizing it.
  • Supported the ‘Uttarakhand flood Disaster Relief’ in 2013 by fund-raising and donating the Solar lanterns and Water purifiers in 2 villages.
  • In 2013 helped the ‘Hyderabad terrorist blast victims’ by raising funds for the people who were handicapped.
  • Served as ATA Election Committee member in 2015, 2019
  • Served as AAA Election Committee member in 2016   
  • I was elected as the TRICIA Secretary in 2016. Helped in resolving the impending issues and bringing Tricia out of the turmoil.
  • I was involved in TRICIA for the past few years by volunteering and organizing the Cultural (Republic day, Spring Festival, Women’s day), Sports (Tennis, Ping Pong tournaments) activities and Picnic.

Over the years I have also volunteered and donated along with you to other non-profit organizations of the region and helped in raising funds for VT-Seva, JET USA, AIM for Seva, Vegesna Foundation, etc.

I would like to establish TRICIA as the leading non-profit organization in the region and work closely with other non-profit organizations in the region to achieve mutual goals to benefit the Indian community. I believe my experience and unique understanding of the community will be a benefit to achieve our goals. So, I humbly request in soliciting your support and kindly Vote for me in the forthcoming election.

Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Naga Kalapala

Paul Uppal

Respected TRICIA Members,

I wish to humbly declare my candidacy for TRICIA president for 2020. I want to briefly tell you about myself, and, more importantly, share with you my vision for TRICIA.

I have been in the capital region since 1967, when my parents moved here. My father was a professor of economics at SUNY Albany until 2015 when he passed away. My beloved mother also passed away recently. Our family has been a part of this local community for over fifty years.

I received my undergraduate and doctorate degrees from SUNY and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In 1974, I began a forty-year professional career in the New York State Department of Health, serving in executive level management positions in health care financing and Medicaid budgeting. I retired in 2012. My time
now focuses on volunteer services for our Sikh Gurdwara, and the TRICIA Board. My wife Pinky and I live in Loudonville.

My experience with TRICIA began in 2005, when I joined the executive committee, and I served as Secretary (2007), Vice President (2008), and President (2009). In 2017, I was encouraged by a number of TRICIA members, many younger than me, to rejoin TRICIA as a Board member, and I was elected for a three-year term. I am proud to say that this encouragement from several young members whom I have come to know, and who share my vision and values, has motivated me to file my candidacy for president. In fact, the person nominating me is one such young member.

For those who know me, you are well aware of my selfless service, competence and leadership qualities, through service to TRICIA, the TRICIA Support Group, and the Sikh temple. Through deep and lasting friendships with my fellow Indians, I am very close to the pulse of this community.

My vision and objectives for TRICIA are: continue the path to reuniting our community after the recent fractures and divisions. We must bring back the many members who have virtually abandoned this organization because of litigations, infighting, finger-pointing and the cloudy atmosphere of the recent past.

Our Indian community is vibrant, active, and ready to join hands for the common good. What we need is passionate leadership and a vision to light and sustain the flames of harmony, honesty and common sense values. Our organization’s stature and standing is indeed improving, and I want to continue the legacy of recent leadership in this regard.

In my view, the TRICIA president must possess the following qualities: ability to communicate effectively; willingness to welcome and encourage diverging viewpoints from everyone; ability to represent TRICIA in the public media; and, respect for and willingness to collaborate with the whole Indian diaspora of this region, including our various regional organizations. I truly feel that I have command of these abilities and values.

I humbly offer these words and views in support of my candidacy. I hope they are helpful to you.

Jai Hind.
Dr. Paul Uppal


Sridhar Pentyala

I am running for Vice President for TRICIA 2020 team with greatest passion and excitement. Please support proven leadership that delivers best for the community.

History of Service to TRICIA & ATA (Albany Telugu Association)

· I have served as TRICIA Executive Committee for 2016. · I have served as ATA Board President for 2018.
· I have served as ATA Board of Director and Treasurer for 2015.
· I have served as ATA Board of Advisor for 2014.
· Actively involved in volunteering and coordinating many TRICIA & ATA events.

Please vote for me to continue to serve Tricity India Association. Thank you!


Srinivas Kancha

I am Srinivas Kancha, a dedicated community service volunteer and its immense pleasure to inform you that I would like to contest for Secretary Position in Tri-city India Association (TRICIA) for 2020. Am a highly passionate community volunteer with an impressive work ethic and skilled in motivation others for the purpose of fund-raising.

I am a life member of TRICIA and reside in Albany area with family. I have been serving the community with a strong record of making difference. Some of my current and past services are

 Secretary of Albany Telangana committee (Current)
 Board of Director of Albany Telugu Association (Past)
 Member, TRICIA Election Committee (Past)
 Active member in cultural groups especially (Vocal Singing, Dhwani/Naadam/Surabhi)
 Fund raising for Cancer patient (Mr. Giri) from Surabhi group in collaboration with TRICIA
 Active Volunteer of TRICIA events

With my passion to community, I need your kind support to vote for me as Secretary of TRICIA-2020.

Thank you

Srinivas Kancha

Balamurugan Ramasubramanian

Hello TRICIA Members,


I am Balamurugan Ramasubramanian contesting for the position of Secretary for the year 2020.
Community service Profile:
I have actively participated in community service through NYATS since 2013. Below are few to mention:
1. Active board member of NYATS since 2013.
2. Volunteered soup kitchen.
3. NYATS conduct 5 public events every year, I have played a major role in leading different events in this 7 year like, New year/Pongal Event, Sankranti, picnic events.
4. Few to mention,
a. Lead the cultural events and made sure the programs start on time and monitored the event all through to finish it in time. This was achieved successfully under my leadership.
b. Lead the voluntary brunch events for NYATS. Like brunch for Chennai Flood relief and other causes.
5. Experienced in pulling through big events like NYATS SANGAMAM. This is a musical event in which popular musicians from India participate. Involved in taking care of the artist accommodation, transport, food and event coordination, marketing the event and getting sponsorship from the local business owners.

Reason to contest.
It was always my dream to be part of the great organization like TRICIA. I have been a member since 2015. Volunteered the TRICIA picnic and other activities many times. My kids and wife had participated the cultural events since 2015.

I would like to be a part of this great organization and work towards its success together with other members. Please vote for me. Thank you.

Kind Regards,


Elangovan Raman

Hello Members,

Let me start off by introducing myself, I ‘am Elangovan Raman, who has been a resident of Albany for the past 20 years.

Have been very active in the Indian community since I landed on these American shores. I have been volunteering for various organizations these past 20 years. Have been an active member of the New York Albany Tamil Sangam, holding several positions in the organization. I have had the honor of being the President of NY Albany Tamil Sangam between 2006 and 2008.

Volunteered at the Albany Hindu Temple for the Desk Volunteer Duty (DVD) plus a part of the Sunday Brunch food prep team at the Hindu Cultural Center. I currently volunteer at the Albany Tamil Padasalai, which is a Tamil School catering over 100 Students. Other locations where I have volunteered include several Soup Kitchens and at the Equinox during Thanksgiving.

I have had the opportunity of volunteering and being part of TRICIA, which serves as an umbrella organization for the entire Indian diaspora in the Greater Albany Region. I have been honored to be part of the TRICIA team since 2018. I have held the position of Treasurer in 2018 and Secretary in 2019 where I have discharged my duties to the best of my abilities.

As a person, I’am very social, friendly, approachable and always like to work with Teams to achieve the greater good. I would like to extend my service to the Indian community in the upcoming year. If you think I have the qualities to be part of this organization, please cast your vote for me as your Treasurer.

Thanking you.

Best Regards,

Elangovan Raman


Kottackal Chacko

I was born and raised in South India. I went to Thalavady Government High School in Kerla. I was my schools secretary, and K.S.U. secretary president as well as being church youth league secretary president.

I moved to USA 1982. I worked as production manager for milk plant for 28 years. I have had a couple of my own businesses ( Restaurant, Hotel) and currently own 2 Bars and into real estate.

I’m chair person of United Christian Church in Albany NY. I have a lot of experience as Trustee and Secretary position.

Venu Morishetty

I, Venu Morishetty, am a current resident of Albany, New York. I have lived here for 14 years with my family. My vision as a TRICIA executive committee member is to bring about a new generation of Indians to participate and contribute to TRICIA and also provide a better, more engaging and exciting environment for our community. I believe TRICIA can support this new generation to bring about change in our society and promote our culture and ethics. I will organize events that everyone can participate in and truly feel a part of our vibrant community.

Since I have lived in Albany, I have participated in numerous events to support our community. As a executive committee member of the 2019 TRICIA team, we have coordinated and organized a number of events such as: Republic Day, Table Tennis Tournament, Woman’s Day, Spring Festival, and the TRICIA picnic. For the past several years, I have helped and volunteered various events organized by TRICIA and other community organizations. I along with the 2019 TRICIA team, are engaging the younger generation to host and organize a Youth Day for all the children in the community. These kids will inspire more of our younger generation to follow in our footsteps and take pride in our culture.

I request you to vote for me to continue on my vision. Thank you for your support and being part of our wonderful community.

Purti Patel

My name is Purti Patel and I have been living in Albany area since 1996. I have served our community through Tricia and Hindu temple for past few years. I have volunteered to serve the community through these organization as well as held positions in Tricia as a Treasurer, BOD and EC in the past. I have been a part of many committees (for ex. Spring Fest cultural committee, Decoration committee, Ticketing Committee) and led events like Republic Day and Woman’s Day.

I would like to be part of Tricia Organization again for 2019-20 year to serve our community one more time, so I would like to contest for one of the EC positions.


Purti Patel

Subhani Pattan

Dear TRICIA members,

I am a Capital District Resident since 2001 and have been very active in community volunteering services since then. I worked as a TRICIA secretary, ATA Joint-Secretary & Joint-Treasurer, and School PTO Secretary in the past. Team building, integration, fundraising, emergencies helping, conducting events and maintaining transparency in duties are few of my strengths. 

As part of the Executive Committee member, I would like to bring new memberships, work hard to fulfill the TRICIA core vision/mission objective of showing the diversified rich heritage of the people and culture of the Indian subcontinent. I also work towards strengthen the TRICIA support groups to assist community needs like emergencies, health awareness, and college education needs, etc.

I am seeking your support and vote in the upcoming election to be part of the TRICIA 2020 EC team to serve the community. Thank You.

Subhani Pattan

Ravindra Vuppala

I, Ravindra Vuppala as a long-term resident of Albany NY area is submitting my nomination for Tricia Executive committee member for the Year 2020.

To promote, preserve and improve the functionality of the TRICIA organization and maintaining harmony between the Indian diaspora.
To identify and address social, cultural and educational needs of capital district Indian Community in particular with the help of Tricia.
I would like to encourage the community to involve in the cultural and sports events organized by the Tricia.
mainting cooperation with the other Team members and Tricia members.
Past experience:

For the past two years actively worked as a Tricia Executive Committee member, involved in organizing events like Republic day, Women’s Day, Spring festival, Annual Picnic, Annual Dinner and Other sports events like Ping Pong and Tennis tournaments.
worked with Albany Telugu Association as a Board of Director in year 2016.
Actively volunteering with local Temples on regular basis.

I would like to continue with Tricia as an Executive Committee member with all your support. I would like to continue my volunteer service for the community under Tricia. I promise I will obey the rules and regulations of Tricia. I will maintain cooperation and coordination with the other Team members and community.