BackgroundSixty Plus Group is an independent subsidiary of the Tri-City India Association (TRICIA). Since its inception, its purpose was to address unique socio-cultural needs experienced and expressed by senior citizen members of TRICIA.

ObjectivesBring 60 years and older Indo-Americans together, benefit by sharing their life experiences; provide support to members in need, organize group entertainment program, optimize use of available senior citizen facilities, discuss interesting issues (religion, history, health problems & preventive measures, life in our adopted nation, our heritage etc.); coordinate community services & donations to charitable organizations in the Capital District.

MembershipWe welcome all Indian Americans of age sixty and above to this Group. For a husband/wife team, one of them must be sixty years or older. To meet our expenses, membership fees of $ 30 per year per member are charged. The annual fees include the cost of the annual Diwali Program. Members pay separately for lunch/dinner for other occasions. The fiscal year for this Group is January through December.

ProgramThis Group meets 6-8 times every year for a get together at a local venue. Members are free to hold a given meeting at a different location. They are informed about these meetings via e-mail. Our goal is to enjoy fellowship of members. Programs and activities include presentations and discussion on interesting topics, Holi Program, summer picnic, Diwali Program, trips to interesting locations, and other activities as decided by members.

Group Officers & TrusteesDr. Ram Chugh (Interim President), Dr. Bidhan Chandra (Secretary), and Mrs. Promila Agrawal (Treasurer).

For further information, please contact Dr. Bidhan Chandra (518-783-1182)

Subnitted by: Dr. Bidhan Chandra, Secretary, Sixty Plus Group