TRICIA Support Group (TSG)

The TRICIA Support Group (TSG) is an integral part of TRICIA. The Support Group is an organization of volunteers whose objective is to assist community members with personal problems and issues at a highly confidential level. The Support Group also aims to arrange community seminars and other forums to enhance community awareness and education on general topics of interest. This mission serves to achieve an active framework for social interactions the generation of support within the community members.

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Members:  Rita Ajmera ,Kishan Battu, Sneh Chaudhry, Pradeep Gupta,
Hari Kabra, Renu Kallianpur, Bushan Langer & Paul Uppal

How to Contact Us:

If you need any assistance or to learn more about our programs,
please contact:  
Paul Uppal by email:

Support Group Objectives:

The founding members of the group, immediately after the TRICIA announcement, met to define the following objectives and features:

  • Promote social interactions in line with overall TRICIA objectives.
  • Assist community members with personal problems and issues at a highly confidential level.
  • Arrange community seminars and other forums to accomplish the following:
    1. Community education on general topics of interest
    2. An active frame work for social interactions
    3. Generation of support among the community members
  • Propagate support group existence to the community
  • No legal representation of any kind, although recommendations for seeking legal assistance may be provided when necessary
  • Recommendations for medical assistance when needed.
  • No direct financial support.

Current Activities:

During 2017, the TRICIA Support Group shall continue its mission. We plan to have four or possibly five seminars on an interesting mix of issues of importance and interest to the community.

Our first two events this year shall be as follows:

Mid-May (Date to be decided) – Presentation by a professional organization on the latest important issues regarding Social Security Benefits.

Information on the remaining events shall be posted as the year progresses.

All presentations are open to the community. The Support Group shall prepare an email (generally accompanied by a program flier and information on date, time and location) that will go out on the TRICIA email system. These events are generally held during the week in the evenings. A buffet dinner generally precedes the presentation.