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We have got some of your questions answered by CKGS. Please see below:

1) Minors Signature – is the below correct ?
– below 5 yrs boys right hand thumb impression
– below 5 yrs girls left hand thumb impression
– above 5 yrs kids have to write their name

Answer: YES


2) Do the applicant has to pay the Fedex fee to CKGS along with the application fee at the camp ?
Answer: YES


3) If the required documents are not uploaded into website after Section A is completed, what would happen if the member comes to camp?
Answer: They must at least upload the image and signature for OCI applications to move to part B.

4) If the OCI applicant has lost his Indian passport then what to do? or if the member hasn’t returned it yet then what can they do?
Answer: They can apply for Renunciation deemed certificate with a copy of their Indian passport or any strong proof of Indian origin as per the checklist on website.

5) what all documents that an applicant has to submit online and what are the documents that an applicant can submit at the camp?
Answer: VISA and RENUNCIATION is available on our website Its very difficult to list all the documents for different categories in one email, but applicants must bring colored copies of their documents and all copies must be notarized We would not insist for any original documents for OCI applications except the Indian passport if they are applying for renunciation as well. Visa application will require original US passport.


6) A applicant has filed a OCI at San Francisco office, can he apply for OCI here at NY or he has to send it to San Francisco?
Answer: He has to send it to SFO if his address falls in that jurisdiction. OR else have to redo the application for NY if lives in NY jurisdiction. Same form cannot be used.


7) Can OCI for a minor be applied with only one parent signature as the other parent is not available?
Answer: Death certificate or divorce decree is required in this case along with authorization letter from other parent (if alive).


8) Do you have someone with Notary authorization coming to the camp?Answer: Yes


9) Are you getting the Credit card machines for credit card authorizations?Answer: YES

10) Photo copy Machines? Answer: Yes

11) Scanner? Answer: Yes

 Please follow the 4 step process below for
New OCI or PIO to OCI conversion.


For example: New OCI Card; OCI in lieu of PIO Card ; OCI Reissue etc.

2) Click here to go to the Indian Govt. passport Website to select the online application form that you require and fill up the Section A of the form.

3) After the Section A is completed it will generate a File Reference Number with 12 digits starting with USA………

4)  Click here to book appointment with CKGS  for Albany using your 12 digit File reference number.

Please check the below link for the required documents.

Frequently asked questions


If you have any questions in the application process please contact the following CKGS customer service numbers

Ph :  516-206-1483  or    646-589-0088    Mon – Fri, 9:00am to 6:00pm EST.