President 2021

Dr. Paul Uppal

Respected TRICIA Community Members,

On behalf of the entire incoming TRICIA Team for 2021, I want to wish you and your family a happy, healthy and successful new year.

I am sure you will agree that the past year has been a tremendous challenge for all of us in the world, but with God’s grace, we are entering a new beginning.  It is indeed a time to welcome 2021 with optimism, hope, love for our family and friends, and a resolve to continue to reach out to others in our community with kindness and brotherhood.

Our focus remains the same, keeping our Indian community a vibrant and active body, promoting our Indian culture, and remaining ready to join hands for the common good and make our community more aware of what our culture has to offer.  We need to continue promoting Indian cultural values among our children, welcoming new members into the community as they arrive, and to keep learning from the wisdom and experiences of our senior members.  They have so much to offer to all of us. Our organization’s stature and standing are great, and I pledge to you that our 2021 team will focus on these components of our mission.

We cannot wait to get started.  Preparations are already underway for the Republic Day program, to be held virtually, on Sunday, January 31st, with invitations already having gone out to invite community members to participate virtually in this event.  After this event, our team will embark on planning other activities, events, and initiatives throughout the year.  In that regard, we urge you to share any ideas you have with us, and please rest assured these suggestions will receive our full attention.  We are at your service, and we serve at your pleasure.

With these humble words, I wish to close by requesting your participation in the events and activities throughout this year, and your help to enable us to achieve these worthy goals.  This is because our success will be our community’s success, and we will stay vibrant and unified in spirit.

Jai Hind!

Dr. Paul Uppal
TRICIA President 2021