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It has been 5 years since we had similar show of Zakir’s at Troy Music Hall. It was extremely well attended by our Indian community. This time, Zakir’s is teamed up with well acclaimed and popular artists (see the flyer). Though it is more than 3 months away, lots of tickets are sold already. We have blocked many seats for us which you can buy at discount and will benefit our Hindu Cultural Center. To get better seats, call Manoj (518-371-3737) asap and decide the payment options.

Workshop:Teach Simple Living by Meenakshi Umesh


 We are all concerned about the climate crisis and figuring out ways to do our part. We educate children about the value of simple living that can support the environment.  Meenakshi Umesh, founder of Puvidham Learning Center, has been teaching children about sustainability for the past three decades. See this two minute invitation video from Meenakshi ji. She will share practical activities to inspire children and families to act. Join the online workshop to learn from the inspiring expert! 


Workshop:Teach Simple Living by Meenakshi Umesh

🗓️ Sunday, Mar 26,  9p – 10p ET

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🍊🧅🍌Materials to bring: Peels of a banana, citrus fruit or onion, empty bottle, water and jaggery

Article by Meenakshiji